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Beebower Productions, Inc. affords two photographers the freedom and a great excuse to live an adventure.  Hugh Beebower and Denise Sloan, a father-daughter team, explore amazing places and hidden destinations capturing breathtaking scenery, abundant wildlife, and scenes of the Old West. 

Join them as they share these incredible stories through their carefully researched location guides and instructional books on www.beebower.com.  Plus collect their very best photo tips, reviews and adventures in their blogs and videos.  They also sell their art from the website, so that you can purchase your very own unique piece of history.

The duo brings a combined 68 years of photography experience to Beebower Productions, Inc.  Hugh spent the majority of his career building a commercial advertising photography business with his brother Gordon.  Meanwhile, Denise worked as a photo journalist and editor in the newspaper industry traveling the world with her husband who is in military service.

When the brothers decided to retire in 2013, Denise and her father embarked upon a new journey as Beebower Productions, Inc. focusing on Western, wildlife and landscape photography.  Come along for one wild ride!   

Hugh Beebower

I grew up on a dairy farm in northwestern Pennsylvania with an interest in the Old West. My Grandpa Jerry played a big part in my Western obsession.  I learned how to fish, whittle and hunt from Grandpa Jerry.  I also watched a lot of the golden age Westerns with my grandpa.

One of my childhood interests, whittling, led me to a job as tool and die maker in Buffalo, New York.  The Vietnam War cut my career short.  I left the US in 1968 as a First Lieutenant in the Army. 

While I was in Vietnam, I documented my experiences with a camera.  I’d been puttering with cameras for a while and my time in Vietnam cemented my desire to pursue photography.

I returned to the States, enrolled at Rochester Institute of Technology, and graduated with a Bachelors degree in fine art photography in 1972.  In 1977 I packed up my small family and headed to Texas to start a photography studio with my brother Gordon, also a graduate of RIT.

Beebower Brothers Photography specialized in corporate photography.   Advertising directors would dream up ideas.  Gordon and I made those ideas happen on film.  Photo illustrations were a perfect match for my skills and energy level.

But my love for cowboys, Native Americans and anything Western kept gnawing at me.  In 1989, I began shooting Red Head hunting apparel catalogs.   This led to many other “western” corporate photo shoots:  Redman Chewing Tobacco, Remington Arms, Cabelas, Cheyenne Outfitters and The Australian Outback catalogs.

Suddenly I had the means to do what I really dreamed of doing-creating pictures of the Old West.   These images often resembled paintings by the time I finished them.   I used a camera, Photoshop and lots of energy to create images that just wouldn’t leave his my head:  cowboys on bucking broncos, stampeding horses, backlit stagecoaches and chuckwagons.  I even produced a chuckwagon cookbook with my friend and real-life cowboy Red Cloud Wolverton.

After 35 years of delivering high quality advertising photography, Gordon and I decided to close the corporate photography side of the business in 2012.  I continue to explore the Old West, American landscapes and wildlife with my camera.  My images can be purchased through www.beebower.com .

Irene, my wife of 52 years, and I live in Dallas, Texas.  We have one daughter, Denise.

Denise Sloan

I can’t imagine being trapped in a regular 9-to-5 office job.  My curiosity, a desire to explore the world around me and tell stories drew me to a career in photography. 

OK.  Maybe not at first.  I got my start in the photo biz as kid in Dad’s commercial photography studio working as a photo test subject, a gopher, the cleaning crew, office organizer and a photo assistant.   These glamorous jobs gave me a glimpse of the not-so-glamorous real life of most photographers.  It’s technical, time consuming, hard work.  I quickly discovered technical stuff gave me headaches.

So when I got to high school I focused on journalism instead of photography.   Maybe I’d be the next Lois Lane.  But a summer newspaper internship disaster convinced me to make a change.  The photographer’s images didn’t match the story I wrote.   A looming deadline precluded a do-over.  While complaining to Dad, he interrupted me and said I needed to write and photograph my own stories.  Problem solved.

He was right.  I decided to pursue photojournalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  Simultaneously I embarked on a crash course to learn everything I could from Dad and Uncle Gordon as well.  I graduated from Mizzou and the “Beebower Boot Camp” in 1996.

For a while I worked as a photo editor in the newspaper industry and then as a contract photographer for the military.  But my marriage to a military man (my own super hero) made it difficult to find jobs in some of the more unusual locations we were assigned. 

So I gave myself a long-term project:  document the hidden nooks and crannies of the world with stories and photos wherever the military powers that be sent us.

In 2013 my husband suggested Dad should come out of retirement and revive Beebower Productions.  It sounded good to both of us. The new Beebower Productions took off with me as a full partner.

I wear many hats at Beebower Productions.  I create photographs, write a weekly blog, author eBooks, handle social media posts and manage the website, marketing and customer service.   In fact, I write so much Dad feels he has finally gotten partially reimbursed for that photojournalism degree he and Mom paid for so many years ago.

Jonathan, my husband of 18 years, and I move frequently and enjoy photographing new parts of the country while on adventures with our dogs.

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