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Christmas Decorations

The reports weren’t pretty.  Dock workers on strike in Los Angeles held our household goods, everything we owned, hostage.  Our move to Georgia from South Korea took a turn for the worst.  Our inventory of supplies consisted of a few sets of clothes, an inflatable mattress, a couple of folding chairs and dog paraphernalia.  Christmas looked bleak indeed.

Then inspiration struck!  We’d buy a real tree and make our own decorations.  We even made new friends to invite to our impromptu cookie ornament decorating party.  We dressed gingerbread men, candy canes and star shaped cookies with layers of frosting and candy.  Then we strung popcorn to use as a tree garland.

The Grinch didn’t steal our Christmas after all!  We happily festooned our tree with the cookies and popcorn swag.  It looked pretty darn good, if I do say so, myself.

We had, however, overlooked one thing in our Christmas decorating zeal.  Dogs.  Yes, dogs. We had two of them and it never occurred to either of us that the fully decorated tree created a doggie buffet.

But our dogs wasted no time in tracking down the source of the delicious smells.  While we visited with our new friends, they promptly ate about 1/4 of the lower tree decorations.  We suddenly realized an abnormal quiet had enveloped the house.  A quick search turned up two happy dogs snarfing down all the decorations.  The scene reminded me of the Bumpuses’ dogs devouring the turkey in “A Christmas Story”.

One dog merrily munched on a string of popcorn.  Unfortunately it was still attached to the tree, putting the entire thing in danger of toppling over.  The other dog froze with an innocent, mangled gingerbread man wedged in his mouth.  He knew the gig was up and looked slightly guilty, especially as he glanced down at the crumb-laden floor that convicted him of gingerbread homicide.

After the initial mayhem and chaos of removing the dogs from the vicinity of the tree, my husband and I regrouped.  Only the top half of the tree needed decorations, we decided.  Yes, a half decorated tree seemed ideal.

And so our third Christmas together proved to be one of our most unusual with half of the tree decorated with homemade ornaments and two dogs who hoped to repeat the mouth-watering buffet.

Eventually the dock employees returned to work and our stuff finally arrived.  The next Christmas we decorated normally.  But I caught the dogs sniffing the tree more than once. I imagine they were longing for that smorgasbord of decorations.

Now It’s Your Turn

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