Frequently Asked Questions

All The Important Stuff You Want To Know

May I create paintings from your photographs?

The short answer is no.  We receive many requests from artists to paint our photographs.  We do not allow anyone to do so even if they don’t plan to sell the painting.  Each photograph is a unique image that cost us a lot of creative energy, time and money to produce.   We support our families by selling our images. 

Because our photographs are so valuable to us, they cannot be reproduced in any way without written permission and paid licensing from Beebower Productions, Inc. Licensing is at our discretion.   United States copyright laws do protect all of our images. 

May I use your photographs for my project or business?

No.  Not unless you’ve agreed to and paid for a rights-managed license from Beebower Productions, Inc.  Please visit our Photo Licensing page for more information.

How can I purchase your art? 

You can order fine art prints up to 20”x30” directly from our website.  Simply choose a gallery to view from the drop down menu at the top of the page.  Click on any photograph and a black box pops up with the photo and story behind the photo.  Hit the “Buy Now” button and follow the prompts.

You can also purchase made-to-order fine art prints, canvas wraps and metal prints.  Visit our custom order page and then contact Denise

What types of prints do you offer? 

We offer fine art prints in various sizes on high quality photographic paper as well as stretched canvas wraps and metal prints.  Please check out our Custom Order page for detailed information on each option.

Hugh produces the smaller fine art prints in his studio.  Anything larger than a 17”x25” print, all canvas wraps and all metal photos are printed by a professional photography lab in Dallas, Texas that Hugh personally selected.   

We do not offer framing or mattes for prints at this time.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes we do.  If you can dream it up, we can create it.  Please see our Custom Order section for more information.  Then contact Denise to get your custom order started.

Does my piece of fine art come with a certificate of authenticity?

Yes.  Each image has a certificate that gives the name of the photograph as well as the story behind the photo.  This certificate provides proof that your photo is an original work of art by Hugh Beebower or Denise Beebower Sloan and as such is covered by our warranty.

Is your check out secure?

Yes, we use PayPal to process all website credit card payments.  You create an order on our website and enter your mailing information.  When you’re ready to pay, you’ll automatically be transferred to PayPal’s secure website where you fill out the credit card information.  You do not need a PayPal account to complete payment. 

We never see your credit card information.  We do not store your personal information on our website either.

What forms of payment do you accept? 

PayPal take all major credit cards for website purchases. We do not accept checks or cash.

Do you charge sales tax? 

We only charge sales tax if you live in the state of Texas. 

What information do you collect about me? 

We collect only the information necessary to provide you with the products that you request.  This includes information you provide when placing an order or signing up for the Photo of the Month such as your name, address, phone number and/or email. 

This information is not stored on the website.  It is not shared with anyone except for the express purpose of creating or delivering a product or service you requested.  We do not sell or give away any of your personal information for any other reason. 

We don’t like it when companies share our information without permission.  We know you don’t like it either, so we’re committed to protecting your privacy.  You can read our full privacy policy for all of the details. 

How do you protect my information? 

Since we don’t store any of your information on the website, you can order with confidence.  That said, we have three layers of security for our website: security software, regular maintenance and a website manager who answers the phone 24-7. 

Our site is protected by multiple software firewalls and security software as a first line of defense.  Our second layer of protection comes through regular maintenance of our site.  Unlike a lot of e-commerce websites, we don’t “set it and forget it”.  Our site is updated and maintained constantly to ensure the very best security we can provide. 

Finally, if a security issue does occur, our website manager is instantly alerted so he can take immediate action to contain the problem, close down the site, fix it and get it back on line in a timely manner.

Do you track me? 

No.  You won’t see any of those creepy Internet ads pop up after you’ve visited our website.  That’s called “retargeting”.  We’re not interested in following you around the Internet and bothering you on every page.

We do look at analytics from the website to learn how we can better serve our customers and provide the information and products that most interest you, but this data doesn’t give us your personal information.

How will my order be shipped?

We use UPS ground to ship orders in the continental U.S.  The company we use for international orders depends upon the country of destination.  Please contact Denise for more information.

How long will it take to receive my order? 

Generally speaking your order is started as soon as payment is received.  If we’re not on the road, you should receive your order within two weeks or less in the continental U.S. 

If we’re traveling, you will receive an email shortly after payment is made. It will give you an estimated arrival time for your order based on our schedule.  Custom orders and orders shipped outside the continental United States may take more time.

All orders, once shipped, come with a tracking number so you may personally follow your art’s journey to your doorstep.

What if my order is damaged in shipping? 

If there is obvious damage, do not accept the package from the delivery company.  Take a quick picture of the damaged product and have the delivery company return it to us.  Then send the picture to Denise to let us know about the problem.  You will receive a new piece of art at our expense.

If you discover damage after opening the package, please take a picture and email it to Denise. We will make arrangements to send you a new piece of art at our expense.

How much is shipping? 

You may notice there are no shipping charges listed separately when you purchase our products online.  This is because we have included shipping in the price to make ordering simple and easy.  This way you don’t have to waste time calculating options or choosing a delivery service.  We’ve done that for you, so you can just order and go.

If you place a custom order, the shipping distance from Dallas, Texas, as well as the size and weight of the packaged art factor into the price.  We’ll send you an exact quote for the art including a shipping price once we have a mailing address as well as the details of your custom order.

Do you ship outside the United States? 

We do occasionally ship outside the U.S.  You would pay the full shipping costs as well as any duties or taxes.  We would treat your order as a custom order.  Please contact Denise to get an estimate on the total cost.

Do you have a return policy? 

Yes. We call it our happiness policy.  If you’re not completely happy with your purchase, you can return it for a refund or exchange up to one month from the date of purchase. 

It’s hard to buy art online and we understand that.  Maybe the photo didn’t fit the space as you thought it would or you really wish you’d gotten the horse stampede instead of the mountain photo.  No problem.   Simply contact Denise  to start the return process.   

Here are a couple of things to know: 

  • The art must be in like-new condition. 
  • You are also responsible for return shipping costs. The return package must be insured and have a tracking number. 
  • If you’re exchanging your art for another piece you will also be responsible for the shipping cost on the replacement piece. 
  • We do not reimburse for the original shipping costs if you initially ordered from the website.

Once we receive the returned art and verify it’s in like-new condition, we’ll either send you the new piece of art or reimburse you for the returned item whichever you prefer.

Do you have a warranty? 

Yes.  The happiness policy applies to the warranty as well.  We stand 100% behind our work.  We use top of the line products to create your piece of art and it will last for decades.

While we’ve never had a defective piece of art, we warranty all products up to one year against defective materials and, rest assured, we care deeply about your satisfaction.  Please contact Denise to get the ball rolling. 

Be prepared to provide a photograph of the damage as well as a photograph of your certificate of authenticity so we can properly determine the cause of the defect and the most prudent course of action.

The warranty does not cover damage from improper handling, installation or treatment.

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