Peeking Javelina


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If you build it, they will come.   With that thought, professional wildlife photography blinds began popping up at John and Audrey Martin’s ranch in South Texas.  Soon a watering hole made an appearance.  Then photographers, like my Dad, traveled great distances to capture the treasures of Martin Refuge with their cameras.

You might be surprised to learn that my Dad wasn’t visiting the ranch to shoot cowboy images since that’s one of his passions.  Rather he was after the marvelous array of birds and mammals that live on the land.

He spent two days on the ranch. On his second day Patty, Dad’s guide, took him from the morning blind to the afternoon blind. Here he photographed a young javelina that wandered out of the trees looking for goodies, green jays and a pyrrhuloxia.  By this point, it was close to sunset.  He and Patty packed up their gear and agreed.  It had been a very successful day.

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Printed on Fuji luster paper, a mid-range paper between glossy and matte
Crisp color reproduction
Fade resistant
Signed by the photographer
Does not include mat or frame


11 x 14, 16 x 20, 20 x 30


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