Wildlife Art


Hugh Beebower loves the thrill of the hunt.  His weapon of choice is a camera.

“Animals naturally try to get away from you and you’re trying to capture them on camera.  It’s a pretty exciting challenge to make that work.  That’s what interested me from the start,” he says.

From wild hummingbirds to buffalo and bears, Hugh has shot it all.   He rises to the technical as well as logistical test creating not merely snapshots, but fine art prints of these amazing creatures.  There are a lot of things to consider besides the animal when trying to capture the raw beauty of wildlife in an art print.  Lighting, composition, lens choice and timing become twice as hard when your subject flees at the drop of a hat.

And then there is the fine art of camouflage.  Animals are much easier to capture when they don’t see a human with camera up to his face.  As a result, Hugh’s worn some interesting disguises from a gilly suit in a field to hip waders while creeping along in a floating duck blind.  His ability to masterfully disappear in the natural habitat allows him to capture the art, print the image, and share these incredible moments with animal lovers all over the world.

Art prints like these don’t just happen.  Knowing where to find the animals is important.  From eagles in Alaska to mountain lions in Colorado to whooping cranes in Texas, Hugh painstakingly researches the animals he photographs – where they are and when they’re on the move.  Sometimes locating the animals just means knowing their favorite watering hole.  Hugh often finds local guides who specialize in helping photographers.

Other times the subject must be lured in with bait.  Hugh used his daughter’s flower garden and nectar feeders for hummingbirds.  He placed a plastic owl in a field to lure in hawks because hawks and owls are natural enemies.  After placing the bait, Hugh waits,sometimes for extremely long periods of time, just to capture one perfect image.

Weather is also a factor.  Mother Nature can wreak some serious havoc on a photographer causing him to endure snow, rain, high winds and freezing temperatures.  Layers and layers of clothing have saved him from frostbite on more than one occasion.

Whether its hot, sticky temperatures bringing mosquitos and black flies, the deluge of a summer monsoon, or the blinding fury of dust storms on the plains Hugh endures whatever it takes.  Like the U.S. Postal Service, neither rain nor sleet nor snow will stop him from creating timeless art prints for nature lovers everywhere.

Technical excellence, camouflage, knowing where the wildlife lives and sheer determination all come together to create some amazing moments with animals in Hugh’s fine art prints.  You can buy these fine art prints right here at www.beebower.com.




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